Take advantage of the equity on your home by choosing a reverse loan. If finances are tight, or you simply need the money to take a new direction in your life, a reverse loan may be the best choice for you. Call Bombay Mortgage today to learn more and see if you are qualified.

Many senior Americans do not have quite the savings they need to afford comfortable living with no income, which is why many are turning toward a reverse loan. This allows them to keep their house, eliminate their mortgage payment, and use that money however they see fit. As houses build appreciation over time, they can be used to create financial security for the future.

Of course, a reverse loan is not the right choice for everyone, as they come with clear-cut qualifications, but we would be happy to discuss your specific circumstances. Let us know your intentions and we’ll help you proceed in the process.

Bombay Mortgage professionals have 20 years of experience in the industry, and it is our pleasure to share all we’ve learned in that time with you. Make smart financial decisions, improve your quality of life, and enjoy the value of your home by getting in touch with us today for a reverse loan. We look forward to working with you.